Applying Law Of Attraction Consciously

Many people have known the Law of Attraction. Although called The Secret, it is no longer any secret. However, it is not by knowing it we can reap the benefit, it is in our ability to utilize it. It depends on our faith and belief. If we can make the best use of the Law of Attraction, it can help us bringing our biggest dream into existence. In this article, we will discuss the procedure of using the Secret Law of Attraction.

First, we must know what we want to manifest. Without knowing our desires, we cannot bring it into manifestation. After knowing it in detail and clear, it’s time to ask the Universe. Make a wish but do not dwell on it. If you dwell on it, it will become day dream and that’s not manifestation. It will influence manifestation but most people will end up doubting when day dreaming. We know doubt is not good because it stops our goals from manifesting.

You must write down your goals in present tense. By present, it means right now your desires are already fulfilled. Once you have completed writing, end it with gratitude. It is already been said in The Secret by Bob Proctor.

Next is to start the visualization step. Create imagination, get yourself into it. Through the first person point of view, live your life with your desire manifested. This is the picture that will be made real by the Universal Law of Attraction. However for it to be turned real, you must apply the procedures correctly and not doubt the Universal Law of Attraction.

Proper visualization and imaginations is important thing to be concerned about when using the Law of Attraction consciously. The reason is because the Universe only understands visions and emotions. The Universe does not understand words. However, that does not mean you should not write down your goals. The purpose of writing down goals is to ensure the mind is focused on one thing. As the Law of Attraction claims, you get what you focus upon.

Finally, you must monitor your feelings. Make sure you are always feeling good because it is wrong to feel bad. When you feel bad, you will have negative outlook and doubt the Universal Law of Attraction. That is not good because you must have faith if you want to use the Law of Attraction consciously. If you ever feel bad, think about things that makes your heart cheerful or do something that will make you feel good.

Universal Law of Attraction – How to Attract Your Ideal Destiny

The universal law of attraction is the greatest of the ancient and unchanging basic laws that rule the universe. The universal law of attraction, in simpler terms, is “like attracting like.” If ruminate on it constantly, it will come.

All of us are composed of energy. We have within us the same atoms and molecules that comprise the universe. Therefore, we are intertwined, and whatever energy we emit–whether positive or negative–will reel in energy similar to it.

The universal law of attraction falls into place when what starts off as an idea is turned into a dream, and then taken to completion by your actions or the steps you take to achieve it.

Perhaps you are familiar with the power of positive thinking. That is precisely what this is. It is all in the mind, as the famous proverb goes.

As potent and effective as owning this kind of mindset is, the same thing is true for the opposite. If you concentrate so much on the negative and constantly worry about even the littlest things, then the negative consequences will be birthed into reality.

Whereas, if you lived life in a sustained state of optimism and affirmation, then you are sending out positive vibes to the rest of humanity. The world will then pick up on those vibrations, and they will react in kind.

In Paulo Coelho’s acclaimed book, The Alchemist, the weathered king tells the shepherd boy, “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” This is the true meat of the universal law of attraction. It’s not a function of “if” you will get what you wish for. Rather, it is “when” your most coveted desires will come to you.

As said by the universal law of attraction, you have the capability to make things happen merely by ruminating on it. It just might be clich to you, but anything can become reality if you concentrate on it. If you can keep it in your thoughts, you can be able to get it, do whatever you wish, or become whoever you desire to be.

Leave no room for fear and negativity, or these damaging emotions will rule over your life and tag along like a storm cloud. Do not doubt for a moment that your dreams will come to pass. If you are wholly and utterly convinced that they will come true, then trust that it will really happen.

But don’t merely rest on your laurels absorbing everything that comes your way. Take command and draw to yourself all the success and prosperity the universe has created for you. Though you may not know it yet, you are in total control of your life.

But how do you exactly think your way to success? Keep your eyes on your goal, believe it is within reach, and visualize your achievement of it. Experience it in your mind–the feel of it in your fingers, having it so close you can actually smell it, and the euphoria of knowing it is already yours. Give yourself these positive experiences and you will attract similarly positive outcomes.

In film, the difference between drama and melodrama is that, with the latter, their environment influences the characters. With drama, on the other hand, the characters themselves take hold of their own circumstances. Just like in the universal law of attraction, you create your own reality; just as in a movie, you create your own happy ending.